would ron paul be murdered if he got on top ...

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    ... ?
  2. conservative 95% chance.
  3. ask JFK
  4. well... things are different now with a free media. we have never known this dynamic in our lifetimes. if they kill him... we will immediately know who did it and he will become the greatest martyr of our generation.

    they are already trying multiple tactics to sideline RP. ignoring him seems to be the choice de jour. mainstream media polls are lying about the numbers and trying to label his online popularity as an aberration. then you have this ed failor clown in iowa that bans ron paul from their prez candidate forum... this too has backfired as we learn failor is a senior advisor to mccain and has donated to his campaign. he also has multiple corporate ties. the publicity generated by this chicanery is priceless.

    each time their trickery is exposed it gives ron paul that much more credibility and makes him that much stronger. but back to the question of murdering him. this would backfire on them.... and would hasten their demise. the discovery of truth has accelerated and they know this.... their next move will be an attempt to shut down the internet as we know it, they have no choice. that is the question, "how/when will they murder the internet?"
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    you conspiracy guys must have been raped or abused by your fathers or something. somehow there is always some evil man out there and he's going to do something awful that cant be stoped. I'm not psychologist but I believe you guys think that so you dont feel anxious about it, all of you antecipate miseries and tragedies as certain so you suffer less from the unknown. heres a better way for you guys to deal with these problems: weed. If some of you somehow got rid of these constant paranoias you would realize the insanities of what you guys preach
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    i truly hope that you are perfectly right. two short clips
    that indicate it is not merely paranoia ... and if so it was
    at least shared by a couple of men better informed
    than you and me.


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    very important point you are making.
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    dissolve the IRS, the Fed, end fractional reserve banking and the Oil Wars?

    Of course.
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    Don't discount the probability of the Illuminati calling the Greys in to use their mind rays to swing this election back to RP. They might even bring Elvis back to make a big public speech about how the CIA killed JFK as an RP super-fundraiser. Another big event could be a UFO landing during the first primary and Bigfoot walking down the ramp leading the Loch Ness Monster sporting a giant Vote Ron Paul!!!! sign.
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