Would Obama have the audacity to apply his logic to a professional athlete?

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  1. Would Obama have the audacity to apply his logic to a professional athlete?

    I wonder if Obama would have the nerve to walk up to someone like Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, or Michael Phelps, and say....

    "They think they are there because they work hard, i know lots of people who work hard.......or, "they didnt do that, someone else did that for them"......"

    Although i doubt Obama knows anyone who has ever worked hard, I wonder if he really believes that guys like Tiger Woods, or Michael Jordan, or Michael Phelps got to where they were from luck of the draw.......

    The fact of the matter is that professional athletes are in better shape then 99.99% of the population, and yes that, and their athletic ability is a direct result of them working their ass off, and working harder then everyone else......

    And no, somebody else didnt do that for them......

    Whats the difference between the way a professional athlete gets to the top of their sport, and the way a businessman gets to the top of the business chain? Both are based on hard work, and 95% of their success is based on what they do for themselves.

    So do any of us actually believe Obama would have the nerve to say that to a professional athlete? Yet he feels just fine demonising business people with that shitty speech...... I think it is very telling.....
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    Lmao, Tiger Woods is your first example (of a self-made man)!?
  8. i actually thought that this could be a decent thread topic and that someone might feel like talking about this, but now this thread is already derailed..... He really is the true definition of an asshole....
  9. of a guy who worked harder than 99.9999% of other people out there, and thus deserves credit for 99% of his own success, yes tiger woods is a good example of that...... Feel free to explain to me why Tiger woods does not deserve credit for 99% of his success.....
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    Just curious, but who do you think is responsible for Tiger Woods' success?
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