Would Microsoft come after me...

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Acqua, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Acqua


    and deactivate/invalidate/whatever word you get the idea my WIN XP license?


    I build my own trading PCs. I run 2 PCs for trading. Need to upgrade 1 of them. Both PCs run Win XP and want to keep it that way.


    Build a new PC. Install current Win XP license.

    Format HD and Install new Win Vista license on "retired" PC so i can use it for other purposes.


    Would my plan invalidate my current Win XP license?


    Conflicting information:
    Some say it would be invalidated mainly because Windows considers a new MOBO as a new PC therefore a new license is required.
    Others say that since the "retired" PC will have a formatted HD and a new Vista license it is fair game as each PC will have its own license.

    MS Windows website is a maze and i could not find any relevant info.

    Thanks for your comments

  2. nkhoi

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    they have a validation tool. It will pass or fail your copy. And no they didn't call me after I refused to run the validation tool.:D
  3. Yeah, they are coming right now at your front door

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  4. not gonna promote the illegal method but like the other guy said there are ways around the validation tool/cd key check.
  5. Acqua


    Thanks for the comments.

    I'm geniunely curious about it, not compulsive, however, reading the comments looks like there's just too much room for misinterpretation.

    Perhaps better to put this thread to rest.

  6. You can move the license if it is for a retail copy of XP but not if it is for an OEM copy. The latter is tied to the hardware. The former is not - you can reactivate it at least several times.
  7. this is the correct answer.

    on the other hand if you have one of the business bulk licences then no reactivation is required :)

    we are trialing running XP under VMware. Sofar graphics performance is running a lot slower under VMware and we have not migrated. But it is still a better option than migrating to Vista.

  8. Acqua


    These are great news.

    My licenses are retail.

    Thanks again for the replies