Would like to start trading DAX and DJ STOXX 50 soon...

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by affan, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. affan


    I live in usa and wondering how the currency conversion would take place if I buy DAX? I am guessing the fluctuation would probably be minimal and not have a huge impact on your profit/loss. Am i right in that assumption? Also are they any gotchas i need to be aware of? Thanks!
  2. yea, I've asked a lot of the same questions...I am just about to trade the DAX and EuroBUND...and...my only concerns have been the trading using the Euro from a USA account...like you, I live in the USA...my concerns have been:
    1- how is P&L recorded
    2-how it total p&l recorded
    3-conversion rates
    4-getting a BAD exchange rate etc.
    5-cross trading US and Eurex products in the same day and the p&l getting messed up
    ..can anyone help
  3. Neither of you has bothered to name the broker(s) you are using. The exact details of how everything is done trading Eurex contracts from a USD account depends on the broker. Call your broker and ask them about all the details.

    One thing you can be certain of is that you will be charged interest on negative Euro balances.