Would Jesus Condemn Neo-Nazis ?

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  1. Would Jesus Condemn Neo-Nazis ? No, I don't think so. I think He would say to them as He has said to us all, "Come, follow Me, and leave your life of sin". He is the great Redeemer. No one is beyond His reach.
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    He wouldn't condemn Neo-Nazis, but according to the "Christians" of today he would condemn a whole class of people for putting their penis in the wrong place (or to be even more hypocritical, the place is OK just the wrong gender). Sad. If that's what your Jesus believes he sounds like a pretty horrible entity to me!

    In case you don't get it, the good people in the world wanted Trump to unambiguously denounce racial predjudice and hate espoused by the alt-right. If he "condemned" the actual individuals or not isn't really the issue, it's the beliefs that are. That you're splitting hairs in a tortured attempt to justify what is simply unjustifiable says far more about your moral fiber than your supposed religion. Just like Trumps initial tweet followed by silence says far more about what he's morally made of than his forced scripted response two days later.
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  3. He would say to them also ... "Follow Me, and leave your life of sin".
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    Because putting your penis in a consenting man's mouth is an awful horrible sin (but putting it in a woman's mouth is fine). Because a goat herder 2000 years ago may have said so. Gluttony is also a sin, not sure why you're not telling obese people (without a "gland problem" of course) to "leave your life of sin"?

    And trying to legal discriminate against people simply because they're gay, which is what most of your fundamentalist "Christians" seek is NOT a "follow me", again if that isn't clear to you, like condemning alt-right discrimination also seems to be a bit difficult.
  5. Not talking about penises. Just human nature. Perhaps, if you have an open mind, you can find a New Testament, and see for yourself.
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    Raised as a fundamentalist I can quote nearly the entire thing for you. It was when I had an open mind I realized what a bunch of rubbish it was and how truly evil most fundamentalists are that I happily left the bonds of the religion behind. I thing that term "open mind" means something different than you think it means!
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  7. Ok. So don't view it through the fundamentalist lens. Forget the sexual context. What do you feel when you hear or read Psalm 23 ?
  8. https://elitetrader.com/et/threads/...re-the-words-of-jesus-and-moses.157885/page-4
  9. imo:

    Jesus didn't say anything like, "Learn from the bible/letters about what I would do in case of this or that!"

    Jesus-likeness actually means learning from Jesus to be an independent/systems thinker. Rather than being a self-interested person, focusing mainly on local-optimisation issues.

    The title whether one is called a Christian or anything else is a non-issue. Since basically every faith has its own independent/systems thinkers - just like Jesus. (Although some religious leaders would probably expect the otherwise.)

    Just human nature!

    My 2 cents! LOL

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