would it be wise for sec workers to disclose wallstreet connections

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  1. ive been hearing for years that democrats want sec workers, all levels from investigators to top officials to publicly disclose their connections to wallstreet. if they hold any stocks, etc, if they have friends, it must all be listed. i was wondering, how funny the connections could be once all of the details are released. With obama on board, I wonder how many sec people are going to quite, rather then have some seamly blemish on their careers.
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    Wonder how much it takes to put an sec worker in your pocket
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    paulson used to work for goldman sachs. etc.

    the hedge fund manager madoff used to be nasdaq chairman.

    it's like the old boy's network in wall street or corporate america. you need to really know the right people to be aboard member of any of these corporations. Board members get paid hundreds of thousand s of dollars per year in salary and bonuses for doing nothing buy hiring maangement and firing them.

    SEC workers i presume are already required to disclose conflict of interest.

  4. The entire SEC is for sale, apparently. As is a certain Senate seat from Ill.:D