Would It Be Rude To Ask If I Can Shadow A Day Trader?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by daytradelearner, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. Would It Be Rude To Ask If I Can Shadow A Day Trader?
  2. Oh cripes! I may need hernia surgery I laughed so hard reading the Hershey post. I'm not sure who youare, I've seen references here, but never bothered to spend time reading the baloney from your lovers or haters, but I can only hope that post was a joke.
    Onto the title of the thread. Of course you can ask! If someone says no, who the hell cares? If they take it as an intrusion they can kindly, politely say no. Otherwise they can let you in and give you guidelines fo what not to do and when to ask questions and when to stay quiet.
    I have spent any amount of time telling my kids never ever be afraid to ask a question. I have also given them guidelines on how to deal with assholes with rude responses, and how to politely thank those for considering their question, who turn them down in a nice way.
  3. heech


    Never rude to ask, only rude to get upset if they say no.
  4. Get ready to receive a mountain of NOs, I hope you're not the sensitive type.

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  5. joneog


    Never hurts to ask.

    Unfortunately, the successful ones generally don't want to be bothered, while everyone else will be more than happy to show you how little they know.

    btw, if they ask for money run like hell...
  6. If they can prove a long term profitable track record (at least 5 years) and they are not asking for silly money, then why not?
  7. trendy


    Hmmm, let me see. Should I let you look over my shoulder and see all of the indicators, TFs, studies, etc.? Now I'm sure you wouldn't dare try and memorize some or all of them so you don't have to put in the 1000s of hours of screen time I did to come up with a profitable trading system. On second thought. F.O.
  8. zdreg


    there is an overestimation by both of you. the OP is making mistake that sitting with someone for days will do anything to add to his performance. he might,however, learn to avoid rudimentary mistakes which is perhaps what he is looking for at this point.
    you are overestimating the worth of learning parts of your system. it is a waste of time because at best u are constantly tweaking it.
  9. joneog


    a) he's not asking for a mentor, just wants to shadow someone

    b) 9 times out of 10 someone asking for money to "help out" a new trader is screwing him/her

    c) as to the track record: two accounts, two opposing strategies, odds are you've got one solid track record to show the credulous.

    Ya, you've got his grand scheme all figured out. Guy doesn't even ask to look over your shoulder, asks if it would be rude to ask, and you tell him to F.O. Love it.
  10. not if you pay him bigtime

    if it's affordable, he's probably not making any serious money
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