would it be better to have no one as president

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    On second thoughts that is not communicating what I mean. The constitution is a good thing of course. The implementation should be different though, instead of a congress I think the referendum system would fit nicely with the constitution.

    I'll give an example. Special interests want to get america to invade another soverign nation. It's easy enough to corrupt, bribe, influence enough congressmenn to sway the vote. It's not possible (or at last very dfficult and expensive) to bribe the whole nation.
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  2. Completely stupid reasoning.

    How about testing your hypothesis.

    The next time you're running late go ahead and step off that curb despite oncoming traffic.

    Better yet next time you are thirsty make the wrong decision and try the liquid plumber instead of the coke.

    Then tell me how innocuous a wrong decision must be compared to doing nothing.
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  3. Good Lord is he black?

    I thought that was his color because to hear him speak he's always full of shit.
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    You are both wrong. He is in fact green on the outside and RED on the inside.
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  5. What's the point of any law or rule when it can be ignored with impunity? (Gramm-Rudman-Hollings, 1987... mandating there be no deficit spending... is such a law.)
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    Well you have to ask yourself why is the constitution being ignored. Like I said before, it's all too easy for special interests to bribe/own parts of congress. Take the power out of the hands of congress and put it in the hands of the people via a referendum system and you go a long way to solving the problem.
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