Would Israel allow a UN independent team to conduct its own inquiry into the Gaza bea

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  1. Would Israel allow a UN independent team to conduct its own inquiry into the Gaza beach bombing?

    When The Palestinian sent European and Human Rights Watch experts, they all concluded that it was an 155 mm artillery navy shell.

    Israel figured that the situation in Gaza is different now a days and that they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    If they do not allow a UN team then the whole world will call their bluff that Gaza is free Palestinian land.

    If they do, then it will obviously be clear that it was a navy shell that wiped the whole family.

    by Jacques Pinto
    2 hours, 26 minutes ago

    The military conceded old Israeli ordnance could have been responsible for the death of eight Palestinians at a beach picnic in the Gaza Strip, hours after absolving itself of any blame.

    As the dispute over the cause of the tragedy continued to rage, the Palestinians called on the United Nations to launch its own investigation.

    Initial declarations by the chief of staff and defence minister that Israel was not behind last week's killings were greeted with scepticism by both UN chief Kofi Annan and the US-based Human Rights Watch, whose own on-site probe concluded an Israeli shell was the probable cause of the tragedy.

    But the officer leading the army's inquiry acknowledged in an interview with public radio that the investigation was still not complete and unexploded Israeli ordnance, or another device, could have been the cause of the blast.

    General Meir Klifi said an examination of shrapnel removed from one of the casualties proved that it did not come from a 155mm shell which was being fired by the army last Friday when the tragedy occurred.

    "This shrapnel was not from a 155mm... there is no doubt on this point," he said.

    "It could be from another kind of munition that we have used in the past... or a non-Israeli device, but we have not finished the work of the inquiry," he added.

    Klifi's comments came after he appeared at a news conference late Tuesday along with chief of staff General Dan Halutz who declared "we do not bear responsibility" for the deaths on the beach in northern Gaza.

    Defence Minister Amir Peretz also declared that "we have enough evidence" that "the attempt to present this as an Israeli incident is simply untrue."

    However their claims were immediately disputed by the New York-based Human Rights Watch which carried out its own investigation at the scene of the blast, unlike Israel.

    "It is my contention that the most likely scenario is that Israeli shelling hit the area," said Human Rights Watch's military analyst Marc Garlasco.

    Israeli military sources have suggested that the blast was the result of a Palestinian mine but Garlasco, a former Pentagon advisor, said "this is patently not the case."

    UN Secretary General Kofi Annan was equally sceptical about such claims, describing them as "odd."

    Garlasco said Human Rights Watch was hopeful of being able to exchange evidence with Israel but dismissed Klifi's claim that it was not a 155mm shell after examining shrapnel he found at the scene and studying victims' wounds and the x-rays of shrapnel lodged in victims.

    "We are very certain that it is a 155mm shell," Garlasco told AFP.

    "The Israelis stated that the shrapnel removed from victims in Israel was not artillery shrapnel but they offered up no alternative explanation of what it is.

    Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat urged the United Nations to launch its own investigation.

    "I urge Mr Annan to launch an international investigation into the crime on the Gaza beach," he told AFP.

    "The Israeli escalation in Gaza and the large number of martyrs should force the United Nations and international community to increase their efforts to protect the civilian Palestinian population."

    Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas, who has described the beach deaths as a "bloody massacre", said he had spoken with Annan and urged him to rein in the Israeli military.

    "We want peace while they are determined to randomly kill the innocents and the civilians," he told Palestinian radio.

    Asked whether an international inquiry was in order to ascertain the facts, Annan replied: "We would need both the Israelis and Palestinian authorities to cooperate with such an investigation."

    A senior official in the Israeli foreign ministry said no request had been received from the United Nations to conduct an inquiry.

    "We don't rule anything out and would seek to cooperate if such a request was forthcoming. We have nothing to hide," Yigal Palmor said.

    Nine other civilians were killed in an Israeli air strike on Tuesday in Gaza which targeted a vehicle carrying members of the hardline Islamic Jihad movement who were on their way to fire missiles across the border.

    General Yoav Galant, head of the army's southern command, has expressed regret over the death of the civilians.

  2. But then again, what would Human Rights Watch know! They only sent a team to the location of the massacre.

    Naaaaaaaaaah, I would trust Bruto's Zionist sites and Osama123 right wing, Zionist cock sucking sites.
  3. To have an exploded military shell, you need a crater. Show me a picture or mention in the report by the Soros sponsored HRW?

    Pretty laughable that this guy is an expert considering his desk jockey background at the Pentagon. It would be like sending the local baker to the morgue to perform competent autopsies.

    If it was an incoming shell - direct hit, there would not have been whole bodies to find - there would have only been body parts.

    You keep trying Wael. I recommend that you think this over with a nice stroll at the beach - watching your Hamas friends launching misssiles into Israel. Could be a life changing experience.
  4. "The Israeli military said more than 100 rockets had been launched at Israel since Friday."

    Who's going to investigate that wael? Who's investigating all those thousands of rockets that have been launched at Israel from Lebanon and Gaza for years?

    It does not even matter whether that was a Hamas bomb or a stray Israeli shell that killed that family, Palestinian militants and the current Gaza government (Hamas) are responsible for their death.
  6. You are right! We should investigate that in an environment of honesty whereby everyone will take responsibility to their own doing.

    You are not justified to occupy our land so you should start from there.
  7. Would a fair assessment of your position be that:

    1. Israel did not do anything wrong.
    2. Israel has never done anything wrong.
    3. Israel can't do anything wrong.
    4. Israel is perfect.
    5. Israel is blameless in each and every possible foreign policy decision.
    6. Israel has this unique position of righteousness because God decided to make it that way.

  8. I see your point Z. It is a true reflection of yourself - in your own mind of course.

    Would a fair assessment of your position as a troll and moron be that:

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    Can I worship you Z?
  9. Uh, am I a country that blows up its neighbors, killing women and innocent children, having had a slew of UN resolutions against me, all of which have been ignored by me, and for which I have gone unpunished?


    What a delusional reality you must have....

    How ultimately clownish that when I point out the problem with Israel, you attack me.

    Just shows how strong the case against Israel really is if that is your best defense of Israel...i.e. attacking me personally.

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