Would Gore Have Attacked Iraq?

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Would Al Gore As President Have Invaded Iraq To Remove Saddam?

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  1. I hear all the time from the brain deads on the right that Bush was a better choice than Gore "would have been" even though many of them now hate Bush...

    So, would Gore have invaded Iraq?
  2. He did as vice president (answering your header "would Gore Have attacked Iraq?")
  3. Look at the poll question Einstein. Attacking Iraq the way Bush did was for the purpose of regime change by military forces of the USA, something that Gore never recommended (of Course Bush Sr. didn't recommend it either).

    Oh, and I don't recall Gore giving the order to attack Iraq...ever.

  4. Sorry, but you cannot separate Vice President Al Gore from the Clinton presidency, as much as you would like to, the same presidency who in its time bombed Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and invaded Somalia, and nearly Haiti.
  5. Blather.

    VP's have no commander and chief status to start wars or stop presidents from starting them.

    You must be confusing Cheney with Gore.

    Below is a sketch artist version of Cheney and Bush Jr.

    <img src=http://www.cartoonstock.com/newscartoons/cartoonists/spa/lowres/span12l.jpg>

  6. Big Al would take care of evil dictators through the UN and international courts. This method has always been successful in the past. rofl

  7. we never stopped bombing iraq after the first gulf war. did Al speak out against this as VP?
  8. Al Gore's foreign policy

    Al Gore supported continuing 1998 air strikes in Iraq . . .

    President Clinton’s decision to abort air strikes against Iraq was hardly based on the unanimous counsel of his advisers. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Defense Secretary William Cohen opposed backing down. And, according to The Wall Street Journal, so did Vice President AL GORE.
    Source: The New Republic, 12/7/98, p.16, col. 1, “Fuerth In Line” Dec 7, 1998

    AL Gore supported first Gulf War; costs of war less than alternative . . .

    [In Jan. 1991], with nearly 400,000 troops bug into the Saudi desert, Bush was asking Congress to approve the use of force in the Persian Gulf.
    On the Senate floor in 1991, Gore said, “I have struggled to confront this issue. [and] to strike a balance. The risks of war are horrendous. The real costs of war are also horrendous. But what are the costs and risks if the alternative policy does not work? I think they are larger, greater, more costly.” Gore joined 9 other Democrats who broke ranks on a 52-47 vote to authorize the use of force in the Persian Gulf.

    Source: Inventing Al Gore, p.238-9 Mar 3, 2000

    Al Gore on Bombing Serbia: Bomb until Serb forces withdraw & refugees return . . .

    "We will roll back Milosevic’s reign of terror - and we will not stop until he withdraws his forces, allows the refugees to return, and accepts an international security force to protect all Kosovars, including the Serb minority, as they work toward the self-government they once enjoyed and still deserve. If he refuses to back down, we will continue to target and degrade the military capacity he uses to repress and torture the people of Kosovo."

    Source: Speech on 50th Anniversary of NATO, Ellis Island, NY Apr 21, 1999
  9. Did he give an order to attack Iraq?

    Name the VP's who have spoken out against the foreign policy of the president over the past century...

    It just isn't done in America...sadly.

  10. Did Al Gore give any orders to bomb another country?

    Did Al Gore suggest invading Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein?

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