Would France Debt Be Downgraded?

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  1. France's short president is apparently rushing from the french riviera to the capital for an emergency meeting---If Carla has a boyfriend in the riviera, she may have to pay attention to the paparazzis if she decides to trade.

    What are the chances of France's debt to be downgraded?

    There is an idiot on ET by the name of something like Loctus. He was bullish societe generale, and bragging about its fundamentals, at the absolute top. Societe general apparently fell since then by some big number. I hope Loctus is fine (even if he called me idiot/etc when I mentioned the opposite view), but the asshole cost me money as his comments made me lose focus on what I should have done.
  2. yeah, it's just a matter of time before most of european countries will be downgraded. Because what needs to be done won't be accepted by the citizen of these countries. And they are right IMO. I don't think actually any civilisation can last if it's growth is based on debt like we did last half century. This is utopia.
  3. You mean Locutus? He is fairly decent. I like him a lot. He makes good posts.
  4. His analysis is wrong, as proved by markets. He thinks a lower oil price is bullish.It is the opposite that is true. That is just one example of many flaws in his views on markets.

    He insulted me because I told him that his views about fundamentals and markets in europe were wrong. I think he is polite with people who insults him, but he insults some of those who do not insult him.
  5. OK. People have different experiences with different people. But as far as I am aware he is fine. At least that has been my experience.
  6. All three ratings agencies have come out yesterday and said that they have no plans to downgrade France. Every one of them has France on stable outlook.
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    Bond markets have recently declared rating agencies irrelevant.