Would France and Briton Win Or Lose The War In Libya?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tradingjournals, Aug 23, 2011.

Would France win or lose in Libya

  1. France is there for oil, they will win

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  2. France is there for oil, they will lose

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  3. No opinion, but I love TJ's thread

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  4. TJ: France is involved because its president is a dwarf who wants to be reelected.

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  1. Let us define a win as a positive return on investment (money from oil and contracts to rebuild the infrastructure they have bombed).

    Why is it that people of Tripoli did not come out like they did in Tunisia, and Egypt if they really trust France?

    I would not be surprised if France were to lose, mainly because Libyans seem to think that France is not involved because of democracy but rather because of the money potential (France opposed democracy in Tunisia, and helped crush the uprisings there).
  2. Looking like Eni, Hess, C-Phillips, Marathon, Gazprom, Total S.A, Repsol and BP will be the major winners though given the tribal nature of the uprising I suspect a new Libyan national company being formed to reward the favored few and their followers.
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    I'm sure that the French (Maginot Line) have the capability (Maginot Maginot LineLine) to design a strategy (Maginot Line) that, at first glance, (Maginot Line) would appear to address the situation (Maginot Line). However, I rather doubt (Maginot Line) that todat, the French (Maginot Line) could ever eclipse (Maginot Line) their finest hour (Maginot Line) of strategic planning (Maginot Line) ... mais non, non non.
  4. We should order the new Libyan government to cancel all oil deals with China and Russia.
  5. Hey, don't knock Gaddaffi. He was ok, as far as terrorist supporting African despot's go.
    And he ain't gone yet.
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    Hey great poll, you and stubby share polling ideas?