Would changing over to FXCM UK make withdrawing money more difficult?

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  1. It seems that if you want all the current functionality, the UK office account seems the way to go but since I am a US citizen, would requesting money withdrawals be more difficult?

  2. Also what would some of the account changes be?

    Would appreciate any comments from those who have been thru the process..............
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    why in the world would anyone trade FXCM bucketshop when you have

    ---MB trading (ECN broker offering micro lots)

    ---IB ECN broker

    ---DukasCopy ECN broker

    ---ACM STP good broker that has policy WYCIWYG What you click is what you get

  4. leverage buying power! and $70M in firm capital which is a lot more than those firms you mentioned combined [IB excluded of course]
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    better take another snort of cocaine if you believe that 100:1 and 200:1 is the kind of leverage you should place on your every trade

    God ET has become a joke
  6. Ignore IMF. He is a FXCM basher. He has yet to explain or proove how FXCM screws their clients. His only argument is that I deliver pizza, therefore anything I say about them is invalidated. He has nothing of value to contribute, because he has no value.

    You, like me on the other hand, have been happy with our 1.2 Eur/Jpy spreads. The hedging thing has thrown me off a little. I used to like to put on a larger trade and scalp hedge smaller ones against it. It made it a lot easier having the different positions open and then close them, rather than new orders closing old positions. Now I can’t scalp as easy. Now they are eliminating stops and limits on individual positions.

    This could easily by solved be putting in OCO orders, as well as one-sends-other orders. If Eur/Usd is 1.4100, you could just put a buy in at 1.4050 and then add a OSO order that sends a sell limit at 1.4070 once the buy order is filled. This would solve both the hedging problem and stop and limit problem. I hope they put those in. Otherwise I will probably have to switch to FXCM UK. I am also concerned about depositing and withdrawing money and how all that would work, and also less so, the regulatory aspects of them being in the UK. Does anybody have any idea how this would work?
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    you really ought to read this again

    ask yourself what is wrong with your statement

    you really seem like a very thick headed young man. you are only hurting yourself
  8. There is nothing wrong with my statement. It’s the exact strategy I’ve been using whereby I turned $25 into $2100 in 4 months. Why can’t you just put up or shut up? You have yet to explain how they are a scam and you are starting to become overwhelmed by all the people around here that are completely satisfied with FXCM. If you keep harrassing me, I am going to report you to the mods. I think they’ll agree that what I contribute to this site is a lot more beneficial than anything you could ever.
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    read my post few more times,
    I won't explain it for you

    come on try. you can do it

    HINT: trading is a serious business
  10. adult - children of ET

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