Would Bush have been impeached?

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Would Bush have been impeached?

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  1. If Bush was president during the same scandals- Benghazi, IRS, wire tapping, Fast and Furious, etc, etc, etc, etc would he have been impeached already?
  2. Ricter


    No, because they are non-scandals.
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  4. He would have been toast.
    And I never cared for Bush either. Obama is a tyrant.

  5. sorry, it won't work this time. They have run out of excuses, and are caught red-handed.
  6. Ricter


    Idi Amin was a tyrant; you merely dislike Obama.
  7. Eight


    The leftist media and every one of their minions would be TRASHING Bush for every one of the above mentioned scandals. They would all be pushing for impeachment.
  8. wjk


    It seems to me that most lefties in here don't really seem too concerned about these abuses. After all, I remember clearly the hatred pouring forth from them towards conservatives, especially right after the first election of Obama, and especially at the tea party. I think O man himself even called them tea baggers once. Seems the left would only care if it was happening to them. They would be screaming at the top of their lungs for impeachment. The media would back their play.

    I don't believe for one minute that any dems in power or otherwise who seem to be angry about any of this are sincere. Not about Benghazi. Not about the IRS (which seems to be an attempt to take Benghazi off the front page). Not the line tapping of AP and cloak room. Not Fast and Furious.

    Problem is, the right won't use the same tactics on the left when and if they get back in full power. If they did, we would then have a level playing field, something the left always claims they are for.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    I am atually starting to agree that obama wasnt necessarily involved in many of these things, hell everyone on capitol hill including democrats have saiod that obama hates to meet with them.

    The picture that is starting to become clear based on all of these scandals is what we knew all along. Obama has never been a leader in his life, he has never been in control of so much as a hot dog stand, which is why he is failing so miserably.

    Basically what obama has done is put a bunch of hardcore progressives in positions of power in every different department, and then he has given them no direction. So at the same time we here obama out there demonising his opponents telling everyone to get in their faces, the people who he has oppointed are taking that to heart. And with absolutely no leadership coming from anywhere basically his administration has turned into a bunch of rogue beaurecracies operating by their own set of far left rules. This whole thing comes back to the fact that obama is a terrible leader, and he is simply allowing all of these people to do whatever they want under his rule, then throwing his hands up in the air and saying "i didnt know about that"

    Never in history has their been a leader so incapable of taking responsibility for anything.

    The only one i think obama has an input on is the inner workings of the justice department, which happens to be THE MOST corrupt of all of the departments.
  10. wjk


    This is why I think everyone, including low levels following orders, should be held accountable and severely punished, either financially or with jail time. If they knew it was wrong, but proceeded because it was ideologically sound for them, they should pay too. Might put a dent in this kind of shit. And Obama still is to blame. He is the prez and CIC. The buck stops with him. Besides, he encouraged this attitude of hatred early on, as most street organizers do. That alone places responsibilty at his feet.
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