Would apreciate feedback on a futures chatroom.

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by bond007, Aug 10, 2006.

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    Hi Guys,sorry for such a newbie question,i did some searching on ET as well and the majority opinion on DTI trader was pretty negative. This waere mostly posts from a few years ago.
    I was just wondering if anyone else went for a 3 day chatroom trial and what they thought of it?

  2. If your doing trading part-time or once in awhile, and looking it up for ideas, I guess that can be "OK" (not in my opinion, but generally). If your going to be trading full time and relying on a chat room to get your trades... that is just idiotic.

    What happens once the chat room is no longer there?

    I just don't think it is wise.

    If the chat room's strategy was so good, why would he or she not just trade it themselves?

    Doesn't make sense.

    If your too lazy to do the work yourself (and doing this fulltime) you deserve the losses your going to recieve.

    Sorry to say, but only speak of the truth.

    If your doing it for a once in awhile type trade or something, then forget what I typed above.
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    ive been trading stocks for years,only in the past few months i started intraday swing trading.
    Im doing pretty well with that,but I wanted to get into futures and had someone recommend I try the trial.
  4. Sorry about that then, in that case......

    I still don't like the idea of paying for the trades.

    I'd tell them to give you at least a week trial.

    I just don't think that is how traders should make their money, so I'm biased anyways, but.... if it's a no hassle trial thing, I guess trying it can't hurt.......
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    there is def better futures chatroom out there.
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    is it ok if you can post a link to them or send me a PM please