would apple already be the most valuable if...

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by david666, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. It split its stock twice to be at a similar price to xom...I think so
  2. How bout if it had a cotton farm out back?


    What if Steve partied with Lenny Dykstra and Charlie Sheen?


    Banned the sale of Iwhatevers to socialists from kenya?
  3. Or how about if you shut the fuck up?
  4. wrong, the most valuable company in the world is Saudi Aramco
    its not listed.
  5. This is what I hate about et some of you are nit picking assholes who argue just to argue. I could be like if Germany didn't call off the air raid on England would they have had a better chance in ww2? And I'm sure you'd say wrong time travel is not possible
  6. joe4422


    I don't understand. Stock splits do not affect market cap, only share price.
  7. you clearly don't belong on ET- stop talking common sense :cool:
  8. Wow I didn't think id have to explain this....stock split cuts the price in half and what is the most basic economic principle ? Lower price increases demand. A lot more people would buy shares at $85 than at $340 . I.e drive the price back up