Would anyone short Schwarzenegger?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Covertibility, Aug 31, 2003.

  1. Check out http://www.tradesports.com/
    Hit the California Recall link.
    Arnold leads the pack yet he hasn't publicly declared how he would alleviate the problems California faces.

    Real candidate or hot air? An easy short?
  2. I don't think he's a short at all. I'd rather short Gary Coleman, lol or someone like that. It'll come down to Bustamante and Schwarzenegger. If the republicans can solidify their base, the govenator will come out on top. I have a feeling alot of young people will come out and vote just because of his name recognition.
  3. Htrader

    Htrader Guest

    I've actually got $250 on him with tradesports. I feel confident Arnold will do whatever it takes to win.
  4. Wong Lee

    Wong Lee

    arnold is going to win and he's going to do a great job and surprise many people.

  5. zounds


    Really removed, all the way from Canada. His wife is his believability. His name recognition is his muscle. He can memorize lines, should do well in US politics. Seems to hold on to money, seems very organized. Mouth doesn't droop. Kids are wonderful. Has so many more qualifications than your last five Presidents. Way more than our last 20 Prime Ministers. As a figurehead for what really moves your government, I think he'd be great! Now, let's talk about where Allan Greenspan would be?:D
  6. Good luck Htrader with Ahhhnold.
    At the time of my original post he was at 47.0, as of 10:30 PM Sept 2nd, he's now listed at B38.0 A40.0
    It seems that everyone, those appearing on political tv talk shows as well as in the press, are jumping on the Attack Arnold bandwagon.
    I wish I was short but I don't gamble.
  7. zounds


    I'll go long. The race isn't over and no one has any credentials. Except his wife. Stand back and watch the damage control.