would an independent court convict georg walker bush

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would an independent court convict george walker bush?

  1. yes.

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  2. no.

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  1. man


    ... for war crime, torture or crime against humanity?
  2. The number of people that have been killed represent 10% of some countrys populations...

    There is no question about the fact that there is a relation between oil company revenues...Bush...Cheney...etc...

    The real reason that Bush is trying so hard to maintain Republican control is to hopefully avoid the impeachment process...

    My opinion is that Bush and other members of the administration have blatantly violated the trust of the American people in the name of the oil business...

    Let there be no mistake...there would have been no war had Bush Cheney not been in public office...

    This will no doubt be the biggest cover up of all time...

    And should be a lesson to change the US governing system itself into an internet based government which places the full authority directly into the hands of the US majority on a clearly open and vivid playing field...whereby the cumulative desire of the public will be granted...rather than such power be given to a handful of average people who act as whores to big business...

    The Bush Oil Administration is blatantly corrupt and at this point these individuals feel as if this has been a cute game...and need to be taught a lesson as the world watches...

    The world will enjoy the fact that the US is capable of delivering justice...


    People such as Rove do nothing more than see to it that Americans see the video clips....read the repeated short messages lined with the right words...and hear the appropriate sound bytes...

    Politics to people of this ilk is just another business that needs effective advertising at voting time...so the pigs can continue to gourge themselves at the money trough...

    Time to change the party system to a true democracy..The current system allows for too many abuses...

    The US must deliver justice in order to re-establish their world wide credibility....and confidence at home...
  3. man


    i find BBC a valuable source for well researched
    material. here is a doc that seems to highlight
    some aspects of recent US history.


    in my opinion the republicans in their 90ties' anger
    on clinton shot way over the top and sacrificed the
    very values they on the surface claimed they were
    fighting for.
    and from offshore perspective the strength of
    preaching christian fundamentalists in terms of
    darwin-bible-youknowwhatimean is amazing and
    i think that media has always had a tendency to be
    more open and creative than the average conservative
    can bear, but inventing fox and allowing bill o reilly
    to speak in public is going a little off the road ...
    overshooting again. unfortunately america has
    really really lost huge credibility all over the world.

    the only thing i still find disturbing within that picture:
    tony blair. no idea what came over him.
  4. Let me get this straight. Saddam Hussein kidnapped, tortured and executed hundreds of thousands of his countrymen the past quarter century but the guy who REMOVED Saddam from power is the criminal? Anyone who believes that is an idiot.

    Bush should've gotten in this war for one reason and one reason only. That reason being that Middle Easterner's are PIGS and to expound one dollar, one life or one ounce of worry over what happens there is foolish. Jeez, that's why we got nukes!

    But to think this move was a "war crime", lmfao. EVERY war is a crime, folks. If you're looking for righteousness in conflict then you're just prey to revisionist history. But of course in the history books the good guys always win.......
  5. man


    i can kill a murder and still ... be a murder. i do not
    need to be an idiot to think that.

    torture, guantanamo bay, abu graib. you can't
    blame the man in command for everything, yet
    he cannot get away with everything.

    your quote on the nukes is a little disturbing.
    seems at least you got the president that fits your
    mental skill set.
  6. Typical euro-moral superiority. Sit back, do nothing and let the US protect you, then carp constantly.

    I'd be more impressed if you were as concerned about the human rights abuses of Castro, the Chinese government, various african despots, the Iranian regime and the islamist terrorists. Since they all oppose the US, you are not interested in their abuses.

    That attitude is exactly why the vast majority of Americans resent europeans and really couldn't care less what you think. You're quivering with rage because some al qaeda terrorists were slapped around and had dogs bark at them, but innocent hostages getting their heads cut off on the internet or people getting blown up daily by car bombs doesn't seem to get your attention.
  7. The decision to go into Iraq was 10% Hussein and 90% oil...

    Anybody who believes that there is no link between oil...Bush...Cheney...etc...are incredibly naive and simple minded...

    Hopefully the democrats can win the majority so that this issue can be explored in further detail in open view before the US public.....

    Had this decision been 100% about Hussein....and WMD...then this is a different issue...However the world knows this is not the case...

    However over 600,000 men, women, and children have died for whatever the issue at hand is...and this should not be excused under any circumstances.......

    At any rate, the US public deserves a full explanation...and if there were other reasons not related to Hussein and WMD...then heads are going to roll....and of course the best lawyers in the land will be on both sides.....

    Quite a battle to come for sure....
  8. First point: I see where you're coming from, and that Saddam Hussein is a criminal is beyond discussion. He definitely belongs on a tribunal in Haag, and the only reason he's not is because Dubbaya wants him dead. However, Saddam Hussein aside, Bush certainly would be a prime target for an investigation, although I'm not certain he would be convicted even in an independent (US) court.

    Second, don't even understand what your point is.

    Third, I kind of agree that crime comes with war. However, there definitely are reasons for war I'd call legitimate (protecting territorial borders, and when the other side attacks first). And you're right about history books. It's the way the world works.
  9. Oh gosh George, Typo on my part! That should've been should NOT have gotten us in the war! Sorry! Thanks too.
  10. AAA, it's people like you who's the reason why most eureopeans resent americans. You're just plain and simply wrong if you think your list of "reasons" goes unnoticed in Europe. You seem to think that US human rights abuse should get a special treatment and be more acceptable, but in Europe - the cradle of democracy - you just can't expect that.

    Your final sentence just demonstrates how uninformed and stupid you are. It has no basis in reality, it's in your head and you should stop listening to right-wing talk radio.
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