Would a successful trading record at a prop firm help me break into IBanks and funds?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by mgzheng, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Would a consistently profitable trading record at a prop firm, say places similar to Bright Trading, help me become a pro trader at IBanks and Hedge Funds? If yes, how long of a trading history and how big of a trading account and what type of annual return would they typically look for? Also how much details on my trading strategy would they pay attention to, provided they are trading the same type of assets? Thanks!
  2. if you can produce consistant profits @ prop firms, why would you go to a hedge fund or ibank and make less $$$?
  3. Make 7 fig profits on 7 fig buying power and u'll land a job anywhere.

  4. Make 7 figs on 7 figs buying power, and you should be starting up your own fund, not working for someone else.
  5. My sentiments exactly. If you really have a edge, compounding and money management could turn even the smallest account into a fortune.
    I don't know why people would want to trade OPM, but that's just me.
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    Proprietary trading experience will do absolutely nothing to get you hired at a bank or hedge fund.
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  8. 8 figure bonuses.

  9. What's so special about that when you can make it yourself? If you're that good, you don't need pay cheques from other people. You have the ability to generate your own.
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