Would a Japan/China war be good for the US

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  1. If the two end up fighting we have to get involved and of course it could reset things a bit. Foxconn etc.. would halt, this means US corporations would lose manufacturing capacity.

    This could result in companies becoming gunshy of unstable foreign governments and bring back jobs in the us?
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    It would be horrible because I don't see anyway that the US would abstain from involvement. Japan is a big ally of ours so we would be thrown into the mix.

    I don't know about you, but I really don't want a shooting war with China.
  3. Foxconn is Taiwanese.
  4. If it gets to an all out stage there would be massive supply chain disruptions. Think of all the companies worldwide that rely on China and Japan for parts/components as well as finished goods.

    Don't see how that would be good for anyone.
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    And you think Taiwan would be unaffected?
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    Walmart would go out of business w/o that supply chain. Where would Americans go to get their cheap ass crap? What would become of the "people of Walmart" youtube channel?
  7. Remember we have not had a brush fire in quite some time to clear out the mess. The last one was WW II.

    We have a surplus of people in the US with no jobs for them, thanks to offshoring to asia.

    A war would reset the cycle, it would help remove the surplus population in the US, in addition force work back into the US.

    It will be painful but it is something that has to happen.
  8. One would have hoped that we have become a bit more civilized now, but apparently not.
  9. I have to agree. in nature you always see such cycles occurring to remove old growth to make room for the next generation.

    Economic imbalances usually get corrected by wars. There is going to be one at some point but no one knows and it will be big.
  10. for how long? We have tens of millions of people that would work in manufacturing if somebody opened a plant. We could start a massive 3D printing expansion that would bring tech manufacturing back to the US. There are still a few wafer fab facilities in the US too, they could expand, new ones could be built. We would be stable in a couple of years.
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