Would a hedge fund every be interested in a system

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  1. Would a hedge fund every be interested in a system that produced
    $1,000 minimum daily on 1000 shares.

    If anyone knows of a private fund please pm me.
  2. Sorry.

  3. Please PM me also. I know profitable forex investments that have been paying for more than 10 years.
  4. LeeD


    If you have a year-long history of trading the system with 1,000 shares, that's a good start to get potential investors interested. However, if 1,000 shares is the maximum you can scale up the strategy, it's just too small to get under the larger funds' radar. Naturally, potential investors will be interested in more metrics such as maximum historical drawdown or Shrpe ratio.
  5. What if the system can bring 5-10 trades day, each equity trades over million shares daily
  6. Real or simulated? If simulated, do not waste anyone's time.
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    no, you must have a 5+ years track record on minimum 1 million dollars, phd in physics, mathematics, send them real time signals for a "trial" period of 6 months. Pay with your own money for any software you need and receive a payout of 2% of your P/L after a full year ends, provided of course that geniuses at hedge fund will still operate it.

    and of course during a first half year your risk limit will equal to 10-15k grand and you're expected to earn 200-300k a month for the fund's clients.
    you should also run at sharpe ratio minimum 5 and write daily, weekly and monthly reports of each of your trades to the HF boss.

    just wanted to warn you... its a tough road, full of delusional stupid people
    oh... and i did mention- you should disclose your codes before you even start trading?
  8. DT-waw thanks i had no idea, will go different route.
    take care.
  9. No
  10. I think you should go out and look for investors and trade with it, if you have that much confidence in it. :D
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