Would 3 Tb Hard Drive work in Dell Precision T-7500 workstation ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by trader12, Jul 17, 2012.

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    It seems there are some people on ET who are using Dell T-7500 Workstation so if you guys can tell me if I can install a 3 Tb Western Digital ( Green ) Internal OR External Hard drive on this machine & if it would work before I purchase it ?

    I am not going to install any OS & will be making it one partition HD to store large files like videos etc. My 2 Tbs are full.

    Thank You
  2. Hmmm, I don't know. But if I filled up a 2 TB drive, I think I'd look for a solution other than buying a bigger drive :(
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    Yes, Ithought of that because who wants waste money ?

    Unfortunately, I don't have a choice.

    But thanks anyway for taking time to respond.
  4. yes a 3tb (and all the way up to a 5TB drive) will work in a T7500.

    I would also say that a single 2+ TB drive that is not backed up is a very risky thing. I build lots of large storage arrays (like 10TB is on the small side, 54TB is about normal) and when a 2TB drive dies it takes hours and hours to rebuild the new drive. Going from 2TB to 3TB will only put all that data at risk.

    T7500 is a big machine with 8 standard bays. Have you thought about buying a second 2TB HDD instead of just bumping up to 3TB?

    Also I'm curious to know what filled up a 2TB drive (you don't have to answer if it's porn :D )
  5. IOW... if he doesn't answer, we'll KNOW it's porn! :D
  6. US Tax Code
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    Thank you WinstonTJ.

    While doing some research, I came across few concerns & I would appreciate if you can address them.

    1. Do I need EFI or UEFI Bios in my motherboard ?

    2. Would the controller that comes with T-7500 handle 3 Tb HDD ?

    3. Do I need to partition it as GPT instead of MBR ?

    Following article kinda scared me.


    Will appreciate help WinstonTJ.
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    Well, short answer would be " No, it's not porn "

    But then your next question would be : " then what is it ? "

    Again a short answer is " Read following link, posted by kandlekid. I am not the only one who needs lots of HD space "


    But then I love this forum because it adds humor to boring questions & for that " Thank You Guys ":D
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