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Discussion in 'Options' started by OahuD, Jan 19, 2004.

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    Here's some websites for those starting out in options. If you know of some FREE sources for GOOD data, calculators, education, etc., please add to this post.

    disclaimer - I have no connection with any of the listed sites other than having an account with OptionsXpress. OahuD.

    Historica Option Quotes:
    http://www.onechicago.com/index.html (FREE - register by clicking "launch onechicago analytics". A few weeks ago I was able to get quotes going back to 1999. Now data appears to be limited.

    Option Quotes w/Greeks:
    http://www.pcquote.com/options/greeks.php (FREE)

    http://www.ivolatility.com/ (FREE)

    Historical Stock Prices:
    http://chart.yahoo.com/d?a=0&b=10&c=1999&d=11&e=12&f=2003&g=d&s=qqq (FREE)

    http://www.vtoreport.com/rsi.htm (FREE)

    (FREE CouldaWouldaShoulda book in PDF format - I downloaded a copy a few weeks ago. Website was not responding tonight so no guarantees)

    Other Options Forum Sites:

    Educational Material:
    http://www.cboe.com/LearnCenter/Software.asp (FREE - great "toolbox" you can download to learn the basics and test various strategies)

    (FREE - need to register but don't need to fund the account to "papertrade" and use their tools. Note - when testing various strategies, calendar spreads are not properly calculated on the "Trade Calculator" and P/L chart. OX - hint, hint!!!
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    Very useful!
    Thank you very much!
  3. LouieR


    For general information on options and the markets try the following:


    This site will even allow you to calculate an option's value based on Black-Scholes.
  4. ==================================

    Onechicago,has a good name;
    but historical data there has been spotty at best.

    For excellant EOD [end of day+ 20 minute delay ] prices including regional exchanges, perhaps unequaled in orderly , thoughtful option chains or option strings;