Worthwhile Things To Do With Fairly Good Internet Connection

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  1. 30/8 but ok for rural UK.I know paying for it will help subsidise greater speeds for business but is there anything I can actually DO with it? I read about game hosting but not my thing.Any thoughts?
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    I pay for 200 Mbps but this is what I get. Only matters while downloading big files and streaming video. My DVR would not work without it.

  3. Ok over to yours for the internet experience then.Better than 3.2/0.8
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    OMM, that is all fine and dandy...But where in the hell are the flying cars? We were supposed to have them 15 tears ago. Bollocks on the pipeline bandwidth...Where are the flying cars?
  5. I got the router yesterday and on the off chance did a speed test (several) last night.They were testing it and the best I saw was 15/8 so ok I suppose although I'm paying for up to 32 and BTs wholesale site estimates my network capacity as 30/10.We'll see how it goes.It just seems we should be able to do so much with so much information and flow.The people are the bottle neck unfortunately.
  6. Go get Google Fiber. 900Mbps plus up and down on the 1 Gig service.
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    To op, there are providers out there that pay a fee to homeowners to allow their clients the user of the homeowners' WiFi to ease data traffic. I'm not sure how they protect the homeowner from illegal activities though.
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    Not available in my building, and I wouldn’t pay for it if it was. I was fine with my old Fios at 25/25 as long as it’s stable.
  9. Downloading and uploading files big files is what it will be best used for... also online gaming but that's not normally a problem with crap internet speeds either.
  10. I'm streaming my zwift races to youtube.Yes the general use of the thing is much faster and downloads happen in a jiffy.Glad I did it.As I said above it's just that we are the bottleneck.(Although I'm against any augmentation on religious grounds too).
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