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  1. This entire site is worthless and full of worthless people. Everytime i write a descriptive and informative thread the first three responses are entirely off topic and nonsense. I could find more trading potential at a trailor park. Seriously this site should be called retardtrader.com
  2. Wasn't that name already taken?:D
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    Why are you still here then?
  4. The problem with traditional message boards lie in the simplistic structure of messages. That makes "worthless" content stand out just as much as the very good content. Also, many people see a discussion board as "time off", so that puts them in another mood than professional trading...

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to "manage" a discussion board like this, even with perfect moderators - since in the end - it is about the user contributions.
  5. Love it or leave it, mofo.

  6. Wow, how long did it take to figure that out? I just can't get away from ET for some reason... I'm having trouble quitting coffee too, maybe it's related somehow...... I noticed that one guy has posted over 18,000 insulting and demeaning posts here... probably almost nobody knows he's here due to the ignore button.. it really is a loony bin, guys like that posting away every day of their lives and nobody paying much attention....
  7. Have you reviewed your own posting history at EliteTrader.com ???

    You spend too much time posting in the Chit Chat and Politics & Religion threads.

    Simply, maybe that's why you don't view this as a trading site because you spend most of your time at ET hanging out in the non-trading sections.

  8. Use the ignore button vigorously. After some time, the main duffers will drop off your radar.

    Also, do more frequent short posts. Even in good threads, after a few posts, people ignore what you say.
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    most people have you on ignore at your first post... no matter how many handles you change, it won't make a difference.

    If people cannot see you, you do not exist. LOL
  10. Welcome. Make yourself at home. :D
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