Worth to buy?

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  1. No comments? No one knows Dirk? :confused:
  2. if u are lookin' for entertainment there's much better out there....best book i ever read was bulgakow-master and margherita, highly reccomended...i dont think tradin' books are that enjoyable other than they might be useful to put u to sleep if u suffer from insomnia.
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    The only dirk I know is Dirk Diggler :D
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    "To make it easy for you let me assure you that you don't need a financial degree or a doctoral dissertation in applied mathematics to be a successful trader. What you do need is a finely tuned and constantly developing common sense."

    So trading is a piece of cake. Why don't buy this book? ;)
  5. Kiwi ,did you read it?
  6. I decided not to buy, it looks suspicious. Has no contact info…
  7. Well, suspicion and scepticism are certainly appropriate when evaluating any trading stuff for sale. See that Copyright notice at the very bottom of that page? That's the main website. There you'll find all the contact info you'll need (and much more), down to the author's email and phone number.
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