Worth switching from IB to Tradestation for the platform?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by 4XIS4U, Jun 7, 2006.

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    I've been toying with the idea of switching from IB to Tradestation just because of the platform... don't see the point of paying for charting if I'm spend so much on comissions....

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    both are great . tradestation charting and other features are great (time of sales ect..) writing code for auto trading ( black box ) is not practical. highly recommend in place of esigal type products

    ps. first 30 days are free
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    thanks fcgtrader.
  4. use both. redundancy is good
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    I use both, and like the charting of TS and the order entry on IB. Plus I love the universal account feature of IB, trade anything from the same account. I don't believe there is anything like it.

    As for charting: TS is the most reliable I have used so far and speed is just as good as IB. IMO the best charting for the money...
  6. The matrix has some quirks, if I remember correctly the matrix hangs up, in relation to the charts, and the P&L using the matrix was what I did not like. Their is some serious quote lag in the matrix. Automated trading works with equities but is a pain with futures due to contract roll over.
  7. you dont find that the automated trading is too slow for futures?
    what kind of slippage are you getting on es or er2?
  8. Since TradeStation went to $250/month I've considered getting a dummie account at Tradestation...

    but I will not switch to TS from IB. TS does not support an API and the people I work with would rather code in C or some other fangled language with all sorts of protections added.
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    Yes with Tradestation you need separate accounts if you want to trade Equities, Options, and Futures. Equities and Options from one account and Futures from the other. $5k min for both.
  10. TradeStation pays ZERO interest on free cash. If you have over 50k in free cash Tradestation is not the place to be.

    However if you only have 5-10k then the free platform would be worth it.

    If you think about it you can lock in 4.6% on a one month CD now days with a 5k minimum. Thats not a bad return for one month, with ZERO risk.

    InteractiveBrokers pays a very good rate for free cash 4.8% for accounts balances over 10k.
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