Worth buying a lifetime license of Ninja?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by 4XIS4U, Aug 29, 2008.

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    Hi, I'm seriously considering buying a lifetime license of Ninja... multi broker as I'd like use Zen for backfill and IB for trading... just wondering what the general opinion is... would also be interested in hearing from people who bought it -- are you satisfied? would you recommend? Is there a lot in store for this product? Are you aware of any discounts for lifetime purchases?

    The most annoying thing to me at this point is the fact that the Windows don't maximize properly... I suppose they will take care of that in the future (hopefully).

    Your opinion is appreciated.
  2. You can use the free version of Ninja as long as you like. You can actually trade live through the free version as well, the only diff between the free and the pay version is no bracket orders. So if you don't need brackets, no need to pay. If you do need brackets it is well worth the money.
  3. No. The simulator free version through NT will not make any live trades. The broker (Mirus, Amp ...) offered free version will make simple DOM trades through Zenfire (need to open account) without strategies.

    Bought the multibroker version then found out how difficult it was to get a profitable automated strategy running. If you trade discretionary, you can get by quite well with Bracket-trader (DOM with strategy, inexpensive) with IB. If you already have a good strategy written, then by all means buy the life time license with Ninjatrader.
  4. i did not know that, thanks for the update.
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    thanks for the feedback tmarket -- I'm a discretionary trader. I've used bracket-trader in the past. Sometimes I just think that NT is such a young product and it could cost much more when is actually fully developed...

    My other motivation was to keep everything in one place, order entry/mgmt, trade stats and chart entry markers (which sometimes is nice).