Worst TWS Yet?

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  1. Downloaded the "Upgrade" to TWS this morning.
    Went from v. 884.6 to v. 885.2.
    The latest "improvements" include:
    Enter a symbol, get 14(!) instances plus 3 Total rows...
    Lost screen position orientation.
    (Refuses to stay put between log-ins.)
    I didn't stick around long enough to find out what else
    got messed up. (Executions?!?!)
    My only option at that point was a reversion to v. 882.2.
    (Which was billed at the site as 884.)
    Geeeez, IB!
    Why not just give us a platform that WORKS and leave
    well enough alone already! - Do your software writers
    actually ever have to TRADE with the garbage they put out?
    I can't count how much time I've wasted with this type
    of BS from IB in the last 5 years...
  2. I downloaded 885.2 this AM.

    I noticed the version loaded on to my first monitor rather than monitor 3 where I usually have it. So I just moved it. I haven't logged back out to see if it stays put. But whether it does or not really doesn't bother me particularly, I don't use it during the day. I use a front end.

    I added a symbol this AM. No problem, no differences.

    Seems to be operating normally so far.

  3. Experienced the same but I have logged out and back in. Unfortunately, the windows reverted back to my first monitor and had to move everything back to its original position again. Also noticed issues with the "pushpin" not working on some of the separate windows and had to go back in the global configuration and uncheck/re-check the option to stay on top.

  4. Lucrum



    Executed trades window opens upon logon

    After first trade of day the page layout is automatically altered by adding either the realized or unrealized PnL column. After which the executed trades window is unavailable for the rest of the session

    Nice work again IB
  5. TGM


    yeah, and i like how my old currency conversions show up as active positions with PnL's.

    The good news is my old USD/JPY trade to convert back to dollars is very profitable.
  6. DonKee


    Just wanted to thank those above who have posted regarding the IB update.

    I have decided to wait to download this latest version.

    Sorry you've had problems, but thanks for saving me (and I'm sure many others) some headaches.
  7. I got that PnL column added as well. I just went to "configure" and removed it from my layout. It doesn't add it after it is reconfigured.

    I didn't notice the trade windown thing either.

    Aside from that, this is day 2 of using 885. It seems to be working smoothly.

  8. Interactive Brokers Bulletin Board

    IMPORTANT NOTICE regarding Intraday Margin In light of the market volatility and the continuing turmoil in financial services stocks, IB will eliminate intraday margin reductions. Commencing at 12:00 EST today (18:00 CET), contracts which utilize value-at-risk margin models such as SPAN, Eurex, or TIMS in the commodity sub-account will be margined using the same parameters as for overnight margin. Please note that it may take up to 45 minutes for the new margin requirements to be expressed in the TWS but traders may consult the account window in the Trader Work Station to see what the overnight margin will be. We expect that intraday margin reductions will remain suspended for subsequent trading sessions and we will make further announcements as market conditions develop. Regardless of the likelihood of large, rapid changes in market conditions, we recommend that traders examine their portfolios to consider their exposure under extreme-move scenarios. Interactive Brokers Risk Management
  9. I never upgrade to a new TWS version until several weeks after its release, so that they have some time to debug (at least SOME debugging, that is).
  10. So that you know, there was a bug in all TWS versions since 882 regarding certain orders entered by API programs. Version 885 corrects this problem. ButtonTrader advised updating to 885 as soon as it was released.

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