Worst Trading Platform Developer of 2008 Award

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  1. Goes to Interactive Brokers...

    The IB development dept is dangerous for your health and your account. The bugs, issues of all sorts, and nonsense gimmicks keep just pouring in. It' just got even worse . It's like these guys leave their brains at home when they leave for work in the morning.
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    I don't know...I think TradeStation would give it a run. At least a very close second.
  3. Thanks for the update KICKING. Had two accounts with IB and had to shut them both down because of technical issues and rude service people.

    I actually looked at the sight yesterday and in spite of the fact that their platform sucks, it looks like you could now trade about anything on it.

    I just don't have the guts to try again.
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    IB and most of these market makers of options and futures are bucket shops.

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    also the firm citadel hedge fund had like 20% of options volume, so you have 5 firms who basically control the options and futures market in the US

    95% of options and futures volume is speculation or gambling.

    zero sum game---your profits are somebody's loss as they options and futures contracts expire worthless.

  6. So you're saying you can't trade so you'll do the loser thing and blame everyone else.
  7. I haven't had a single problem recently.

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    I once had a phantom Forex trade in my IB account. That was years ago. Took the about 6 weeks to resolve it. By that I mean a few days to confirm that it was a phantom execution and 5 weeks to make my loss whole.

    So what did I do? Stopped trading Forex spot and switched to Forex futures with them. Haven't had a single problem since.

    Never had a problem with their platform. Still using Java 5 update 14. I only use TWS as an order execution kiosk for futures. Platform is fast enough and has never crashed. I currently use Ninja Trader for charting and couldn't be happier.
  9. IB is not a bucket shop, even if you are an option trader I believe they don't watch their order flow or so has been their discourse .

    That said buying options is a losing game, option market making is scamming investors .

    Their Forex platform is very ill designed , they don't trade lots P&L is unintelligible if you hold different currencies

    IB customer service I hear is improving but TWS has become a monster. Their developers really need a good bitch slapping.
    They don't know what any 5 year old has learned, that better can be the enemy of good enough. They have no respect for your time and your health but that can be said for most developers.

    Consequently if you believe something will go wrong with IB TWS, systems or customer service, it WILL go wrong so take extra caution. And keep those tranquilizers handy.
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    i am happy with IB, and everybody know that future trading is a zero sum game.... you have to stay on the right side, thats it :)
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