Worst Trading Mistake Ever

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Iowegian, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Iowegian


    Falling asleep and waking up to find that you are down 6 points on the ES
  2. Naps are so overated.

    Hmmm...my advise drink some coffee.

    How many contracts were you holding?
  3. Iowegian


    luckily it was only one contract. That's not the end of the world but an expensive nap. I don't even remember shutting my eyes. As per coffee, I drink gallons a day and the caffeine has minimal effect at this point.
  4. Try No-Doze with Red Bull, that'll keep you awake.
  5. Iowegian


    yeah... I've moved up to sugar free Red Bull (don't like the blood sugar crashes) with 2500% recommended daily allowance B complex vitamins. I find that coctail works better than coffee when I am tired. Will try the No Doze.
  6. How about going to breakfast and coming back to find ES down 9?
  7. Actually, my worst trading mistake was buying RFX about a half hour before it was halted. When it reopened the following week, it gapped down 99%.
  8. why not get a real job?


    If you've not made a mistake trading, then you've not traded
  10. Worst Trading Mistake Ever:

    Trying to trade GROW, and lost money every time.
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