Worst trading dream ever!

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  1. Last night I had decided to keep some positions open and hold overnight (while i slept) Needless to say, i started to dream about it.

    I dreamed i woke up the next day and Gold had jumped up to $3,500 per oz. I was booting up my computer and gold spiked to over 6,000 per oz. I was totally excited and starting up my trading program. As it was loading, gold started to fall. By the time my program loaded, I saw my profit say i was up $20,000, but then drop to $10k. (by now I think gold was $1,600 per oz. I was quickly trying to pull up the order screen as the price was falling. It wasnt loading right and when it came up it was the wrong screen and my profit was down to $1,000. I noticed I had also gone long silver (which i usually dont trade silver because of the high spreads, but in the dream I owned silver long at $12.) Needless to say, by the time i got my order entry screen up, I was completely wiped out. My account had $-2 in it and my gold and silver had been liquidated from my account. I was so angry I woke up and I actually felt the stress as if it really happened.

    I totally hate dreams like that where i cant take my profit. I could've been up millions in my dream if I could've sold at the high. :cool:
  2. Forgot to mention...in my dream silver went down to 4 dollars per share. Thats why i got wiped out.
  3. Vivid.
    I used to have those dreams in which I had no pants.
    I stopped sleeping naked and so did the dreams.
  4. that's no dream, for YOU it's a prophecy played out everyday :D
  5. I gotta tell you...it FELT like a prophecy. Probably why I felt so stressed out when i woke up. Luckily for me, the good dreams never come true, so its safe to say the bad ones wont either.

  6. I have had almost this exact same dream and it is always about having a profit and not being able to get out of it in time, always something slowing me down, or holding me back like computer failure or software or something. When i was younger i used to dream about bad people chasing me and not being able to move in time i guess now the bad guy is sterling's faulty software :)

    I wonder what the dream means.

  7. maxpi


    A switch at the base of your brain shuts off when you sleep so you can dream but you won't move... those dreams are about the inability to move.... apparently we can still produce the stress reaction though, odd that... maybe we can only have those dreams when that switch is starting to open up to movement because a lot of the time we have those just before we wake up..

    I have daydream nightmares sometimes, I'm fighting, or I'm unable to exit a position... too much ET probably :D
  8. Ok that is a good descirption of that and something which i think may be accurate. Another weird dream i have is where i am fighting with someone and people are watching and no matter how badly i beat the guys ass in my dream he keeps coming back for more, then i offer sympathy and dont want to fight anymore and he keeps coming and coming.

    I always have extremely vivid dreams, last nights was a prime example, i have no clue where this one came from. If someone can explain this to me i would be humbled.

    I had a dream (no im not martin luther king) where i was at the funeral of warren buffet, and i gave his wife a hug, but when she looked at me, she looked at me in disgust, and then i was later informed she did not like hugs, then my dad showed up and he was piss drunk, and everyone looked at him in disgust, then we took off in a truck, to the actual burial, with warren buffets wife driving, and she rolled the truck while i was sitting in the box, just when the box was rolling over i dove under it and saved my life but everyone else died. Explain that to me......

    I am sure there is some psychological significance to this, maybe me battlign my inner demons?