worst trading books ever

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  2. Don't worry about it Dude, reading these posts I would say that maybe English is not your first language anyway. Easy for misunderstandings to occur with the written word, as a great part of communication is non-verbal anyway.

    This happens a lot on net forums - especially when humour is involved.

    Cheers, EQ.
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  3. cable


    What kills me is how he brings John Denver into every chapter. I feel so strongly about this I had to write a POP Haiku:

    Heard good things
    Searched the web
    Found the book
    Made a printout

    Found a comfy chair and a coffee
    Highlighter at the ready
    John Denver

    John Denver
    John Denver

    Highlighter hangs limply at my side
    Why God Why
    John Denver
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    & wtf is john denver anyway??? :confused:

    sounds like an extra from dynasty - one of jeff colby's mates perhaps or an ex lover of alexis carrington (boy - what a great memory for trivia i have!!).
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  5. cable


    No idea. Apparently he's both God, a very bad pilot, a folk singer, and the source of POPs power.
    Sorry, I never watched Dynasty, I was watching Remington Steele on the other channel. But yeah, your memory frightens me.
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  7. Tools and Tactics of the Master Day Trader:

    Absolute time wasting garbage. I bought it when I was just starting to trade and listened to its author/chief snake oil guy speak at a conference. I know better now.

    When asked these days about good books, I point people to Excel user guides, Data analysis and especially multivariate time series analysis books. Most people's eyes glaze over. That's just fine
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  8. buylo


    The Electronic Day Trader - The Broadway trading crew.

    The Art of Electronic Futures Trading - Green

    I am wondering if Art Collins is reading and what his pick is.
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  9. "The Way of the Warrior Trader" by Richard McCall.

    Heres an example of the why the books is so bad:


    Accept .... all possible losses before entering the battle.
    Centre .... yourself in body, mind and spirit.
    Trust ....... your warrior skills and instincts.
    Imagine ....success clearly in your minds eye.
    Only ..........exist in the present moment to control fear.
    Never .......stop or look back once action has begun.
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  10. That reminds of a post i once read on Trade2win:

    "The Way of the Warrior Trader - vershun wun"

    A - Always go in the opposite direction you were originally going to. Unless you catch yourself thinking this first. In which case, go in the opposite direction.

    C - Close your winning position as soon as you breakeven to avoid potential losses.

    T - Take Spread Betting Company to court for widening the spread and spiking the price just as you hit the buy/sell button.

    I - am never going to do that ever again - once I get my next tranche of trading capital together.

    O - my God. How the hell did that happen! I only went to make a cup of coffee.

    N - Never enter a trade without being ready to change your timeframe if it goes against you.
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