worst trading books ever

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  1. Actually, I heard that's a good one instead. :confused:
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  2. come on now,you know the good ones.You could write a better one,as could I.
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  3. This time I agree.
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  4. nubinca


    alan farley-he should let someone else rewrite for him. that way readers may get more things out of it.
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  5. I don't have many trading books. The fact is the best possible book I could write would be a book very similar to Farley's one - you and I after impulsively buying it will find nothing to learn from it. :D
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  6. The "Elite" have definitely spoken.
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  7. FredBloggs

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    well put it this way.... all 4000 odd pages can be summed up into the THREE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS anyone can know about the market. you are repeatedly reminded how important it is to read the entire text to fully understand the THREE MOST IMPORTANT LESSONS.

    these lessons are so important, and made such a big impact to my trading, i cant remember them! not one.

    apart from the 3 lessons (each one about a short sentence long) the rest is padding about this phantom dude walking his dog and chewing the fat with some wannabe.

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  8. ROFL!!!

    exactly correct imo:D
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  9. Areyoukidding, are you kidding? :confused:
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  10. OddTrader, its because he is an avid reader of Sartre that he can pack so much existentialist thought into a single phrase. :D
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