worst trading books ever

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  1. I agree. The price should be factored into it. That is why I mentioned Toby Crabel. Course, I could of missed something. If anyone can tell me where something works in it please let me know. Its not due back to the library till next week.
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  2. It was easier to ask what is the best trading book, that narrows it dowwn to a few.
    Because about 90 - 95% of trading books are utter crap, rehashing what someone else said many times before.
    That's why I stoped buying trading books. I go to the bookstore and read chapters that I'm interested in, or I download the whole book on internet. (PTP)

    One of the worse ones was probably "Rule the frikkin markets", or "How I made and lost a mil. in markets" or something like that.
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    ditto. utter arse dribble.
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    i was just about to read this..i actually heard positive things about it.. could you guys be more clear as to why it was sub par.
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  6. 'How sticking forks in my eyes helped me beat the markets' by Edward P Lostanlonely
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    Rule the Freakin' Markets: How to Profit in Any Market, Bull or Bear by Michael Parness
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  8. "Soes Bandit Handbook", Harvey Houtkin
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  9. A Random Walk Down Wall Street, by Burton Malkiel
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  10. The Farley book gets my vote too
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