worst trading books ever

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    Here is my pick
    The Master Swing Trader by A Farley

    A bunch of setups and entries that a very likely that has absolutely no backtesting and your suposed to just buy that they work.
    The author is clearly biased into thinking somehow is has a deep talent to predict the markets yet he needs to write books and sell articles to pay his bills, waste
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    I was very impressed how he managed to use so many words to say nothing in that book.

    How about "Trading Systems" Secrets of the Masters. Joe Krutsinger

    A bunch of half baked trading systems cobbled together from the results of a short questionaire sent to celeb traders. At least it has some backtest results so better than the Farley book.
  3. Hands down, imho: "From the Pit to the PC." Lou should have just shortened the title to "The Pits". A great trader but a terrible book.
  4. To each his own - I actually got a lot out of Farley's book. I will agree that from a writing point of view, it sucks - he can turn a 5 page chapter into 20 with excess use of the English language.

    But, I got some good information out of it that helped me develop and add to my trading. And, that was 6+ years ago.

    I find that people who are often unhappy with books or systems are looking for the "Holy Grail" - it does not exist. But, if you take the perspective that you are looking for something to spark an idea or help add to/refine your style - you can usually take away a nugget or two.
  5. I was able to get Toby Crabel's book from my library. I understand that it costs 500 or more for a copy. Got Nothing out of it. Just skimmed it.
  6. Phantom of the Pits
  7. Just my humble opinion...

    Farley's web site is much better than his book.


    I think the info in his articles is a good as anything out there.

    I'm not sure what it was about the book, maybe the meter, but it seemed to beat you up a bit as you read it.
  8. I believe a better metric is required, one that relates the book's cost (and perhaps size) to its crappiness.

    That is, a shitty book that cost you more is actually shittier than another book of equally shitty content, that costs less. :D

    Using that metric, I believe we have a winner by a mile!!!
    Dynamic Trading - by Bob Miner, Professor of Applied Crapology

    A bargain at www.shittytradingbooks.com
  9. lol - how much was it?
  10. I think it was selling for over 50 GBP. I picked it up from the bookstore's shelf, took a good look at it, took another closer look - only because a friend had recommended it - then I felt like tossing it out of the store. Of course, I couldn't do that without paying for it, and quite frankly that money was better spent on a few decent pints later on.

    I felt so filthy having touched that book. :D
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