Worst Trades

Discussion in 'Forex' started by DrawDown, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. Past, present or future, what are your worst trades? Everyone has 'em! :D

    Let's hear yours. ;-)

    Currently got a GBP/USD trade open short (position 1) down 343-pts. :eek:

    Waiting till it gets 500-pts drawdown then will pop open position 2.

    The DrawDown
  2. Coinz,

    I thought you never had a down trade?
  3. Big misunderstanding about that, then.

    Although, it's what the definition is of "down trade."

    If "down trade" is strictly adhered to, then EVERY trade in forex ever opened is a "down trade" because you ALWAYS start in the hole via the spread being taken by the broker.

    That would mean every trade is a "loser" ... and should consequently be... closed as such... at once?

    Open a silver trade? You're down 1000-pts (spread). Is it a "loser?"

    Granted, I'd rather have my cable trade 350-pts UP... but... what can I say...?

    Ya gotta make the best of what's dealt to ya.

  4. Shorted TIE at 37.91

    Covered at the top at 40.00

    lost 257.70...For my account size, thats a big loss.
  5. One night of so so sex for 18 years of freedom. :(
  6. Recently my set up did not work and I got pissed off and tried a revenge trade and lost another 100 bucks which is alot for a piker like me. Damn was I disguisted. At that time I pissed at the market because my direction was right, but timing just a little off.

    Now I get in touch with my mental state on every trade and if it's off plan I quickly step away from the computer or shut down and leave before I do something stupid :D
  7. Sulong, I don't get it.

    You mean you had so so sex 18 years ago? Then what happened??
  8. Guess I might as well add this:


    So, I STOPPED going long euro back down at 1.2591.

    We just hit a few pips shy of 1.2700.

    110 pips profit NOT TAKEN because I got flat on the Long acct.

    *rolling eyes*

    Plus, my GBP/USD trade has now dropped to 450-pips against me.


    I guess that's why they call me... The DrawDown
    1.2690 (short @ 1.2534)
  9. jagui


    NEVER trade without a stop loss :)