Worst Trade In NFL History?

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  1. What do you think, Bears fans? You just gave up two number ones, a number three and Kyle Orton for Jay Cutler. I can only recall one similar deal, back in the early '90's when the Falcons made a similar deal with the Colts for Jeff George, another strong-armed QB with an attitude. That one turned out badly for the Falcons. I recall Mike Ditka trading his entire draft for the Redskins number one to get Ricky Williams, another big deal that fell flat, at least for the Saints.

    I know the Bears have long had a QB issue and their defense is getting some age on it. Maybe they see this as a window closing scenario. If I saw them as just a QB away from the Super Bowl, then the deal makes sense. But I see a team that needs help all over the place. Those three picks could have landed them three starters, or realistically two starters and a role player. Instead, they get a guy who put up numbers in a system where a lot of offensive players have put up big numbers over the years, numbers they couldn't duplicate elsewhere. They also got a guy who turns the ball over at an alarming rate.

    The team that should have made this deal was the Vikings. They are a QB away from the Super Bowl. Maybe the Bears made the deal to block the Vikes, who knows? All I know is the Redskin Nation heaved a sigh of relief when the deal was announced. It seemed like just the kind of bone-head move that would be irresistible to Dan Snyder.
  2. It did seem steep AAA. I'm just thankful the Browns were not involved b/c the press out here was saying that Cutler to Cleveland for Quinn (and draft picks) was a possibility.

    We still have a QB controversy here w/ a new regime, but I'm thinking Quinn or Anderson is gone before the draft for more draft picks.

    Just another rebuilding year in C-Town.

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    I don't know if it is the worst trade in NFL history, but I do think the Broncos got the better end of that deal. If the Bears had gotten Brady, or Roethlisberger it would have been worth it. I am not even convinced that Cutler is better than Grossman or Orton.

    The Bears had two tackles that needed replacing. Urlacher was done before the start of last season, let alone this one. They gave up on two very good receivers in Varian and Mohamed. Now they get a QB with a gun for an arm (which is I think the key reason they got Cutler since Hester was outrunning Orton and Grossman's arm) but no experienced long threat receiver. It is like D'angelo is a chicken with his head cut off with his trading decisions.

    I hope to be proved wrong with Cutler, but imo the person they need to get rid of is D'angelo.
  4. The amount that the Bears gave up does seem excessive, especially since Denver was dealing from a position of weakness. However, if the Bears see Cutler as the final piece to the puzzle, and it works for them, it could be a great trade for both teams.
    Daniels must be kicking himself that he didn't make this trade the day he joined Denver. He could have got the the QB he coveted (Cassel) from the Pats and still had a few good draft picks left over for a rainy day.
  5. Good point. KC only gave up a second for Cassel, which I guess is about standard for a decent but not Pro Bowl QB, but the Pats valued Cassel highly enough to franchise him. Maybe they knew they could trade him, since their personnel guy is the KC GM now.

    I'm not saying I would take Cassel over Cutler but I don't think Cutler is worth anywhere near the difference the Bears gave up.

    The whole QB situation in the league is puzzling at times. Jeff Garcia was very effective in TB, and his reward was to get cut. No interest in him, and he ends up going to Oakland as a backup. Why wouldn't the Vikes take a chance on him when their alternatives are Jackson and Rosenfeld?
  6. Yeah, things went bad quickly for yu guys last year. Anderson went from being a terrific QB to a guy who couldn't hit wide open receivers. When he did, they dropped them.

    Was Winslow a free agent or did he get traded?
  7. The Bears deserve a whining baby like Cutler...

    After all, the Chicago ET members are mostly a bunch of whining babies...


    <img src=http://bleacherreport.com/images_root/image_pictures/0259/1946/crying-baby_feature.jpg>

    <img src=http://www.theonion.com/content/files/images/Cutler.jpg>
  8. Harsh, very harsh.

    I'm not hating on the Bears or Cutler. I just thought it was a bad trade.
  9. The National Football League is a harsh league.

    There is no crying in The NFL...

    Except for guys like this:

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  10. In DA's defense, Braylon was doing an excellent job at leading the league in drops throughout the year.

    Winslow was traded. He wanted a new contract and we weren't going to give it to him. TB did and good luck to them.
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