worst slippage on stop loss (max offside fill)?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by Osiris, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Osiris


    Just wanted to start a thread for people to post what some of their worst experiences with slippage on a stop loss were...how bad offside of your target stop did you get filled?

    It would be great if people could post what pair, when (time stamp), and .... what BROKER :) Any other perinents would be great...such as it was right before such and such news release, etc.

    Sorry if this type of thread has been done before...i didn't see it when i searched.....but i could not get through all my search results.
  2. I've never experienced any slippage with forex.com or MG Forex. Coming from the futures world, that's pretty amazing.
  3. Osiris


    I am surprised...in a good way :p No one has had a stop loss in one of the major pairs get filled offside of their predetermined price? I was worried that this could happen from time to time...i would set a 25 - 30pip stop loss (GBP/USD) and end up being stopped out at like a 50+pip loss...

    Great to hear Lizzard, I hope IB will be that good for me.

    I am a bit worried that they shut down from 5:00pm - 5:30pm EST....as I plan to sometimes take positions that I would leave open...don't want to close out just because it is 5:00pm :(

    Is everyone quite carefull about trading around big news release times? As I would think that there are bound to be some fairly large spikes then?

    Maybe people can post the largest one-minute (or less) interval price spikes that they have seen in the past with dates and which pair if possible....lol...just for fun :D