Worst Real Estate Agent Ever.

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  1. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/04/qatar-emir-buys-six-greek-islands

    "The islands have been in my family for over 150 years but we are not rich enough to be able to keep such valuable properties any longer," he said, ruing the soaring taxes the crisis-hit Greek state has slapped on real estate. "We are very, very happy to see them go. They have been on the market for nearly 40 years."

    When a property is on the market since the 1970s, you have a really really bad agent.

    There are only 2 reasons why any real estate in the world will not sell. They are asking too much or they have no marketing.
  2. The worst real estate agent that I ever had was myself. I had a house at
    the beach that I tried to sell for 10 years. Turned it over to an agent and
    he sold it in about a month for 65% more than I was asking for it.
  3. no kidding, some people are just born salesman

    when I was a broker, I finally made a sale, then I started talking

    I went on and on about how it might not finally work out due to all kinds of unknown considerations

    and I got them to renig, and think about it

    one year at the Christmas party the boss said, "Do you realize 95% of your commissions are just from your own account?"

    It takes a certain kind of person to sell. I know I am certainly not one. Yet, nothing happens until someone can sell it.

    that is why salesman are the highest paid professionals, more highly paid than doctors or lawyers (or in some cases traders)
  4. I think it is because they have no morals. Somehow God has disconnected what they do now from affecting what will happen in the future
  5. When I sold my first house, I gave it to my neighbor who had just started
    in the real estate business. She had it for two years and never showed it
    to a soul. Turned it over to another agent and she sold it right away.
  6. hard to know about those salesman, they don't seem to have much common sense, but then again, they get you when the market doesn't have much common sense

    like the man said,
    to each his own. to everything there is a season

    me, personally, I don't see how they can live with their self at night

    at least when I trade, I know I am trying to screw somebody that is trying to screw me
  7. When I bought my current house, the previous owner and I, although we both signed the contract, we kept arguing about the signed contract even at the closing and changed it. My lawyer said I can't, I said "So" , the real estate agent was flailing his arms around, the previous owner agreed to my changes, (he didn't have a lawyer). It was a mess, the real estate agent walked out and later had to sue to get paid.
  8. lol:D
  9. so, was it a good deal? or did you just buy somebody elses headache?
  10. something to think about

    what do you do every night?

    You watch tv until you pass out

    then you go into a room to sleep

    you can do that in a $500/mo apartment like I do

    or a big house like I use to have
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