Worst publically traded company?

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  1. I remember TZOO had $19 dollars ($19.00) (not millions) as cash and cash equivalents when in one of their earnings reports a few quaters back :D
  2. Long list ...
  3. Choad


  4. Choad


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    ...i guess i should have said it's a very ****** company... :D
  5. M Vega

    M Vega

  6. Who was it that employed Bush?If they weren't they probably soon were.
  7. Big American pharmaceutical companies are clearly out of control and have been for years.

    This morning's scumbag - Johnson & Johnson:

    - Johnson & Johnson's Concerta attention-deficit disorder drug users have experienced hallucinations, psychotic behavior, suicidal thoughts and heart complications such as high blood pressure, the FDA said.

    Do we really need this? For Attention Deficit Disorder?

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