Worst Performing Funds 2012

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  1. That list is useless. It is merely a list of 13F long stock, and nothing else. Doesn't measure anything else in portfolio, nor can/does it factor a funds basis for position. Meaningless.

    "Hedge fund returns are based on the weighted average return of each hedge fund's long stock positions in 1000 large-cap companies since the end of the latest quarter for which 13F filings are available. The number of long stock positions are shown in the # of stocks field in the rankings table."
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    Taking a quick look at the bottom ten or so of those, I don't think I recognize any of those names. I always like comparing my own results to those of the hedgies, even though I know it's not a linear comparison. What does a wealthy investor do when he sees that he has lost millions and he is told by the fund manager that he can't withdraw his money? Many of these investors have never earned money on their own and they know that they have no ability to earn money. It must be terrifying for them to see the family fortune dwindling down.