Worst movie love scenes?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by a529612, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. Im not even going to click on that.

    Besides 9 1/2 weeks, (which was basically an extendeed love scene)which ive only heard one woman say they liked , id say, every love scene before say, 1980.

    Then, all of them after that .

    So many otherwise ok films have been destroyed by some preposterous, pointless, and redundant auxilary romances, its gotta be THE worst , shitty cliche out their.

    Wanna DESTROY a movie? pop a meaningless, irrelevant "love interest" in their, works everytime.

    For f#cks sake, they even worked one into one-of those shithouse rambo movies, i mean come on, why???
  2. worst love seen i've seen on film was in matrix reloaded. sick snuff porn, that's what it is :D
  3. Best love scene ever in an R movie is a no brainer...

    AngelHeart ..Mickey Roark and the Cosby Kid....

    Worst scene is easy too...

    BrokeBack Mountian:D
  4. Anything with Chuck Norris.