Worst Monday Night Football Analyst Ever?

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  1. Trying desperately to recapture the magic that was once MNF, ESPN picked one of its own, PTI host and Washington Post sports columnist Tony Kornheiser, to warm the old Howard Cosell chair. Skeptics were quick to point out that Kornheiser might not be the ideal third guy in the booth since, (1) he knows next to nothing about football, and (2) he knows next to nothing about any other sports. What he has been his entire career is a wise guy from Long Island with a chip on his shoulder. His ESPN show, Pardon the Interruption, is watchable, if only because of the contrast with the Sports As Religion tone of the other shows. It's basically E! focused on sports.

    But MNF is different. People watch it because they can't get enough pigskin on Sunday. Although the show's ratings have sunk over the past few years, it's still the premier NFL property. Replacing the abrasive and annoying Al Michaels and the out of touch blow hard John Madden seemed like a great idea to juice ratings. ESPN's Sunday night crew of Joe Theisman and Mike Turicco are servicable if a bit stiff. But Kornheiser? It looked like the Dennis Miller fiasco all over again.

    The first two games are in the can and Kornheiser has been even worse than I thought possible. His "commentary" has been laughable. Theisman clearly despises him and Tony looks like a kid brother cowering in fear of a nuggie.

    What the suits at ABC don't seem to grasp is that Howard Cosell had an encyclopedic knowledge of every detail of the game, which he loved to flaunt to humiliate his ex-jock co-hosts. He was clearly the commanding figure in the booth, a street wise yet learned New York lawyer who was not afraid to ask the questions the fan at home wanted answered. Kornheiser has zero charisma, zero presence, zero credibility. In addition, he is a supremely unlikeable person, a guy who made his career taking shots at people yet goes out of his way to try to ruin less reknowned writers who criticize him. Many people in the Washington area still despise him for his personal attacks on a beloved local sports talk host, Ken Beatrice, who incidentally, would have been terrific in the MNF booth.

    Hang in there Regis, maybe you'll get a shot next year.
  2. I gotta tell you...im ok with him...Joe T. though has really gotten under my skin....He's Like Zzzz...they talk for the sake of talking and have no direction...he makes a statement and then contradicts it a few minutes later....ex:

    JT: Steve Walsh is better prepared coming back after a 7 year lay off to be the Offensive Coordinator of the Vikings then Joe Gibbs was when he came back... Are you high JT? Gibbs won 3 and his teams were in 4 superbowls...

    TK: You lose Dante Culpepper and Randy Moss over the last 2 years and you think they are better?

    JT: Yes I do, 2 men do not make a team...
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    I love PTI...one of my favs..

    "It looked like the Dennis Miller fiasco all over again." ..oh no please not that again..
  4. Joe Theisman is completely unwatchable. He is awful on so many levels. I honestly think he has some incriminating photos or some other horrible dirt on a few high ranking executives at ESPN....there can be no other reason for him to still have his job.
  5. Theessman is unwatchable. Period.

    Everytime he opens his mouth the guys thinks he's bestoying upon the football world the most profound statement ever uttered.

    MNF on mute...house sound system on volume 11
  6. Personally, I like theisman. Say what you want, he was a tough competitor back in the day. His first season with the 'Skins he returned punts just to get on the field. They had a couple other QB's, Jurgensen and Kilmer. If LT hadn't snapped his leg in half, Joe would probably still be playing.

    He had some personal misadventures. Right before the Super Bowl one year, he started hanging out with this TV babe, can't recall her name. Caused a big scandal.

    Lot of people didn't care for his personality, but no one ever accused him of dogging it or not playing his guts out for the team.

    Kornheiser by contrast is a pathetic little worm who has spent his whole "career" making fun of people who actually did things.
  7. Thiesman is Mr. Hyperbole...no matter the play or the team..he comes up with the most ridiculous statements in the world to bestow on them....You should have heard him carry on about Brad ( my 7th team) Johnson and how he is one of the best in the business....Im a Tampa season ticket holder...happiest day was getting rid of this statue that took so many sacks in stead of dumping the ball off...that's why his completion % is so hi...but it hurts the team!
  8. I tend to agree with you. Joe T likes to runhis mouth, and what comes out doesn't always make a ton of sense. Still, he knows the game as well as anyone.

    I wasn't crazy about Brad Johnson when the Redskins traded for him several years ago. Not a particulalry big arm and not very mobile. Still, he is a winner. Wasn't he the QB for your Bucs when you won the Super Bowl? The Vikes did pretty well with him last year, after Culpepper's disastrous start. Bottom line, he's had a solid career and is the type of QB who can manage a game and not throw it away for you.

  9. I hate that saying..."he can manage a game and not lose the game for you".....You need a QB who can pick you up by the boot straps and win a game for you...BTW, he was the QB for the Bucs but did not do anything special..it was the D as always that carried the bucs.