Worst market call ever?

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  1. You must not have been around in 1999....

    Just to clarify what I'm saying... there were some absolutely absurdly bullish calls with outrageous price targets given within months of the Nasdaq top.
  2. Any call ever made by Cramer.
  3. WINNERS OF THE NEW WORLD..... this was the DEAD TOP OF NASDAQ AND in retrospect the USA for that matter....


    By Jim Cramer 02/29/00 - 09:42 AM EST
    Add Comment Editor's Note: James J. Cramer is the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Internet and Electronic Commerce Conference and Exposition, held today at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. We're running the full text of that speech here.
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    Right here. Right now.
    OK. Here goes. Write them down -- no handouts here!: 724 Solutions (SVNX), Ariba (ARBA), Digital Island (ISLD), Exodus (EXDS), InfoSpace.com (INSP), Inktomi (INKT), Mercury Interactive (MERQ), Sonera (SNRA), VeriSign (VRSN) and Veritas Software (VRTS).

    do any of these even still exist....hahah
  4. Wow great post. Sadly, you know someone(perhaps many) bought a basket of these stocks and then held and held and held.

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    I read in a book that was still selling in 1996 that the end of western economies as we knew it was to be over in 1995!! It was by a famous Elliott Wave guy and he's still around getting media attention and probably selling books and a letter or whatever..
  8. Haha yeah I had forgotten that. Cramer's "winners of the new world" will always be the king of bad calls.
  9. I seem to recall a guy at work saying Bob Brinker toldl his subscribers to buy the Q's at about 60 around 2001? Soon after it was below 30 IIRC.
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