Worst June for Dow Index Since Great Depression

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by ByLoSellHi, Jun 26, 2008.

  1. All because of Goldman Sachs.
  2. Is now the time for "window dressing" and a Summer Rally? :cool:
  3. Cheese


    The remark I am going to make next is admittedly banal and obvious. If you trade movement, and not veiwpoint, June so far is just another good month. Taking a viewpoint (has the top been reached?is the bottom now in?this is why its a bear market?this is why its still a bull market?) is a prescription for a constant headfuck.

    If you are trading, and not resting money in equity investment, then you must keep with a neutral mindset and trade market movement technically. This is best done intraday.
  4. joesan


    Agreed. If you can short stocks or trade derivatives, this June is better than many past Junes.
  5. S2007S


    And they said we were nearly through with this credit crisis weeks ago....
  6. everyday another face appears on cnbc or in the news saying the financials are another buy.

    how wrong have they guys been?

    its a shocker.

    the fact remains that interest rates have to go up and go up quickly in order to restore some credibility and faith in the central banks and the system.

    i checked in a book on volcker and in the face of rising unemployment, business's going under and weak data this guy ramped rates up to 22%.

    when asked by the senate banking committee what on earth he was doing he leaned back in his chair took a puff on his cigar and replied

    ' because someone has to do it and nobody else wants to. im prepared to do this no matter what the consequences for the long term good of the country and its people.'

    'im prepared to see it through to the end senator.'

    'next question please committee.'