Worst financial publications & gurus

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  1. because i'm bored I am going to list the worst financial publications gurus and explain why they suck

    i'll start with :

    Faber Report

    utterly worthless. all it does it repat the headlines. its like 'Goldman gets funding." Yea we already knew that three hours ago. CNBC nees to cancel Faber Report.


    Also worthless. They have made bad calls on all sorts of stocks and market trands. Cant get anythign right. And the TV ads are misleading. How you expect to make money whehn the market is going up or down if you have to wait a month for each issue?

    Fast Money

    Five people, zero brains pretty much sums up fast money. CNBC needs to axe fast money. Give those five tards the pink slip and replace the slot with some useful informative programing.

    Mad Money

    Worse than fast money if you can believe that. Cramer is a huge flip flopper. He says google will higher and then a week later recommends taking some off the table. Then he goes bullish again. Horrible track record. A random dart on a newspaper would give better stock picks. I am praying that cramer slips up on the air by losing his temper Mel Giblson or Michael Richards style. That way he will be yanked off the air.
  2. That comment coming from you is hilarious.
  3. Playboy

    I have been reaidng it for 10 years and still no good stock picks in there. I will keep reading just to make sure.