Worst financial crisis in 10,000 years?

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  1. Experts are saying this could be the worst financial crisis in the past 10,000 years since the great pebble shortage of 8,000 BC.

  2. because you know how pebbles work

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    you need help
  4. All we need now is someone like Mr. Slate to come in, start a rock quarry and give jobs to everyone, like he did with Fred Flintstone.
  5. If you go back futher, when humans started walking upright, think how that effected the workforce.
  6. It's only a little 100% retracement after a double top on the S&P. No big deal.
    This "crisis" is overstated. We just now have better medias that can make it looks like it's worst than it really is.
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    stock, listen to your father.
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    A few corporations that had lived on passed their time went belly up and CNN starts airing "Fall of the Fat cats" and says its all over. Umm, as far as I know there are still a lot of CEOs making a lot of money so I don't think it is over.

    It is like the thing they played about gas if it reached $5 a gallon, how it would be a disaster. "You were warned" I think it was called. Well gas did reach $4 a gallong kind of close and people were bitching but that was about all. Europe has $8.00 gas and I hear they still get by from day to day.
  9. The peeble shortage lasted 4,000 years until people in Mesopotamia devolped synthetic peebles.

    Peebles were needed to grind corn to make beer and bread.

    Importing peebles was quite impractical.

    I went short peebles made a bundle. Those were some good times.
  10. Shortly after this, the Federal Rockserve expanded the pebble supply and all was ok.

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