Worst FGBL volume this year?

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  1. Is today,11th August the worst Bund volume of the year so far,excluding holidays?

    2.45pm has traded 225,000 lots:confused:
  2. Eurex: Trading Volumes of 180 Million Contracts in July

    Contract turnover in the fixed income segment in July was 52.8 million (July 2007: 73.1 million) – a decrease of 28 percent. The Euro Bund future saw a volume of 20.8 million contracts, 12.8 million contracts were traded in the Euro Bobl futures, 12.5 million contracts in the Euro Schatz future.

    Volume down yet again for the n the succesive month in the fixed income on EUREX.
  3. What is the source of that info?

    Couldn't understand the last line,what was that supposed to be?
  4. I'm shocked they admit to being down 30% yoy in fixed income.

    Today has been a real grind,kind of like the trading environment you see over Xmas.

    Thanks Algos!
  5. all eurex vol is low today FESX ( Eurostoxx ) virtually half usual volume
  6. Can you blame it on too many people still being on vacation or a steady monetary policy? Ideally, things can pick-up after Labor Day. :confused:

  7. Algos....... "If you cant beat them, join them"



    >All market volumes where low today

    ?Banks cleaned out their fixed income desks over the past few months

    >Locals move from Bund to Stoxx

    >It is Summer holidays

    >Not much interesting is happening right now

    >Eurex is run by slags
  9. Speak for yourself mate
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