Worst Fashion Fads

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    Leisure suits

    Polyester Bell bottoms for men

    Wonder Bra

    Men that wear Green Ties, worse, with Blue shirts, worse yet, when the ugly green tie and the deep blue shirt overwhelms the suit.
  2. Fashion for men is whack.

    I have my own theories but recently I read about pyschiatrists predicting the pussyfiying of men and masculinazation of women way back to when women entered the workforce en masse in the 50's and 60's.
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    Bighog, since you seem to think you need multiple threads on this issue I will copy my post from your other thread to this one.
    Being slightly red/green colorblind, and not gay I really don't give a crap about fashion. I will go even further with the whole idea of man bags, manscaping, pedi/manicures and the like are just plain wrong when it comes to guys. Not a big fan of jewelry on guys either. Since arthritis set in my hands, I rarely wear my wedding ring as my stupid fingers balloon up and having a ring when they do is not good. Of course the wife says she will get it resized, but so far hasn't.

    Before anyone blows a gasket, those are just my preferences, and I say them somewhat jokingly. A real man does what the hell he wants and can deal with other men laughing their asses off at them when they show up at the bar with a manbag on their shoulder instead of just having the one in their pants.

    Nutmeg, while I have wondered myself about this topic, my wife is at the Director level of a company, and I have to say at work she has no qualms about busting nuts, just like a man. Possibly I have been an influence, but she has no mercy for bullshit whiners, and holds her employees to her same standard. I will admit she would probably fire me, as I enjoy making money and then walking away for the day, but trading is a different world. At the same time I don't tell her when I call it an early day and go screw off golfing, playing Call of Duty, or working out.
  4. Whats with these haircuts that look like two water waves that meet in the middle of your head? Are you TRYING to look goofy.
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    Ed Hardy T-Shirts

    pegged pants (mid-80's)
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    That's it exactly. So how many 'real men' are there in the US? the vast majority groom themselves the same, and dress the same and try to fit in. Anyone who has any individual style is usually laughed at, made fun of, and pressured to conform.
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    The other post was a mistake, my bad. Sorry!!

    banjo, that was a riot.......protect the "family jewels" ha.

    I just saw our President on TV..............a blue shirt and a GREEN tie. Un-freaking-real.

    Where will this fad end? :mad:

    PS: there is no such thing as a womenbag or a manbag, they are called handbags. If a man needs to carry some electronic toys or a gross of condoms, KY gel etc, why can't he also carry around a handbag?

    Kids in schools, boys and girls all use backpacks or whatever to carry books etc.
  9. Jeans from late 70's.

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